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As the preferred AGM battery choice of more than 150 OEM’s around the world, Lifeline is the Best Battery you can Buy! Lifeline Batteries are perhaps best known in the marine industry by those with mission critical applications like professional anglers, long distance cruisers and yacht captains seeking value and reliability. These Lifeline Battery owners consistently experience a working life-span between 5-8 years for their AGM batteries.

Often operating in extreme latitudes, from equatorial heat to polar ice, the weather is no match for the toughness of a Lifeline Battery. As reported back to us directly from Yacht manufacturers, marine distributors, and end users alike. Lifeline Batteries function to stickered specifications while operating in the harshest of equatorial climates. As our customers present us with applications nearing the poles, they find comfort knowing that our batteries are not damaged by extreme subzero temperatures either.

There are many factors that contribute to the overwhelming success of Lifeline AGM Batteries. Manufactured entirely by hand, from start to finish, across the whole of the battery line, we at Lifeline already know our consumers will get batteries built with care, to Military Specifications, as rigid QA checks every step of the process to ISO specifications. All raw materials, lead, copper, brass, and battery components are the highest quality available, and sourced locally. Finally, Lifeline Batteries are engineered to a level second to none. Our exclusive proprietary manufacturing processes then render a battery with the lowest internal resistance on the market. Quality Construction, Quality Materials, and Quality Engineering equals highly successful results.

It’s simple: Lifeline Batteries provide ample cranking amps for all RV applications, industry leading reserve capacities, two to three times the life-cycles and a virtually non-existent defect rate.

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Superior Construction-
Aircraft class cell construction; lowest internal resistance that provides high repeated cranking current.

Unmatched Life-Cycles-
When discharged to the BCI recommended 50%, Lifeline batteries provide nearly 1000 life cycles, which is significantly more than other technologies. Other flooded and gelled batteries fall between 300 to 450 life cycles at 50% discharges.

Rapid Recharge-
Lifeline Batteries facilitate a significant increase in recharge rate, with amazingly high current limitations when you properly regulate the charging voltage. Customers charge 100ah batteries with 500amp chargers routinely.

Low Self Discharge-
Much better charge retention rate when compared to flooded and gelled technologies. Lifeline Batteries self discharge around 2% per month vs. 10% for other batteries.

Maintenance Free-
With proper charging, Lifeline Batteries require no maintenance. Lifeline Batteries do NOT accept addition of water nor do they corrode their surroundings.

Safety First-
During normal charging conditions there is no dangerous gassing.

Lifeline battery construction has passed extensive military shock and vibration requirements.

Eliminate Dangerous Gassing-
Lifeline provides safety even during severe overcharging as the batteries produce less than 2% hydrogen gas by volume (4.1% is required for flammability in air).

Long Service Life-
Lifeline batteries currently installed in Marine and RV applications are providing a life span ranging from 5 to 8 years under routine use. Daily and intensive applications also see 3-8 years of use depending on depth of discharge.

Solid Warranty-
Lifeline Batteries offers one of the best warranties in the industry with our 5-year pro-rated and a one-year free replacement.

Talk to the Owners-
We offer all customers a toll free technical support line Monday – Friday 8AM to 4:30PM PST. Give us a call or use the form here to contact us now

Trusted by Manufacturers-
We currently supply more than 150 OEM’s both in the US and Internationally. Have a new product that would benefit from clean, robust, and reliable power? We look forward to your call or email.

Easy to Locate-
Lifeline Batteries offers customers an extensive and growing dealer / distributor network to make our Premium AGM Batteries easily accessible. Should you not be near a distributor, many will ship them to your door.

We have more than 25 years of experience developing and producing AGM batteries and are regarded as true pioneers of the technology.

Lifeline Battery Helpful Hints

Battery Selection-
Building a battery bank that will adequately meet your power consumption needs requires careful consideration. It may help to first develop a punch list of your power requirements, space allocation, charging protocol, weight restrictions, safety considerations and budget planning (long term).

Battery Care-
Once you have selected and installed your battery bank (s), there are some simple tips to insure a long cycle-life. After you have discharged your batteries, be sure you fully recharge them. You know your Lifeline Batteries are fully charged when you can no longer push more than .5amp/ 100amp/hr into them. Never let your batteries rest in a discharged state as they will begin to sulfate. Make sure that all battery charging devices are dialed in as close as possible to our recommended charging values. You should always fully charge your batteries prior to storing them. We recommend putting a maintenance charge on your batteries every 6 to 8 weeks for best results.

Trouble Shooting-
Checking the open circuit voltage should be step one. A fully charged new 12v Lifeline Battery will have a resting voltage of 12.9v or greater. If the battery won’t return to a full charge through normal charging procedures it may be sulfated and require a conditioning charge. (see technical manual) If the battery displays a strong voltage, but significantly drops under a load, it may have been overcharged causing water loss. A load test and/ or capacity test can determine how severe the damage may be from overcharging. Most battery chargers need to see a nominal voltage of 8.5v before functioning properly. If your batteries have been discharged below this level, you may need to utilize a manual charger that can function no matter how low the battery voltage.

Get Answers- Contact Lifeline directly for assistance – 800-527-3224

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