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Lifeline Racing Batteries have now been officially released to the public.

Lifeline, the leader in high performance AGM battery technology for mobile applications has now released a line of High Performance Racing Batteries. Lifeline Racing batteries are made to the same exacting standards as the Premium Lifeline Brand batteries and Concorde Aircraft Batteries.

Our Racing Batteries are valve regulated, sealed lead acid style (VRSLAB) recombinant gas, Advanced Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. Their compact size, low internal resistance, high current capability, fast charging characteristics, and lighter weight per cranking amp, makes Lifeline Racing batteries the premium choice amongst professional racers.

Lifeline Racing Batteries are the best, highest quality racing battery available. All batteries are proudly produced here in the United States, are UL / RU listed from Underwriters Laboratories, and comply with both Mil-Spec and Coast Guard guidelines. These racing batteries insure racers a reliable battery, one with thick positive plates, dense active material, good grid design, premium insulation, separator liners, sealed construction and an excellent, no hassle warranty. "SIMPLY THE BEST CAR BATTERY"!

Racing Batteries are are certified by the following regulatory agencies:
  • ISO 2001
  • UL and RU - Underwriters Laboratory
  • ISO 9001
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Mil-Spec

  • Lifeline Racing Battery Specifications:

    16 Volt Racing Batteries
    Part Number Volts (v) Amp Hours(ah) Overall Dimensions Unit Wt Race
    Lifeline LL1640TB Racing Battery 16 6.60 in
    167.6 mm
    10.20 in
    259.1 mm
    8.30 in
    210.8 mm
    42.0 1050 950 750
    Lifeline LL161240TB Racing Battery 16/12 6.60 in
    167.6 mm
    10.20 in
    259.1 mm
    8.30 in
    210.8 mm
    42.0 1050 950 750
    12 Volt Racing Batteries
    Lifeline 1228 TB Racing Battery 1217.0 4.50 in
    114.3 mm
    5.30 in
    134.6 mm
    7.00 in
    177.8 mm
    18.0 300
    Lifeline 1236 TB Racing Battery 1236.0 5.18 in
    131.6 mm
    7.71 in
    195.8 mm
    6.89 in
    175.0 mm
    24.0 675 480 385
    Lifeline 1257 TB Racing Battery 1257.0 4.97 in
    126.2 mm
    9.78 in
    248.4 mm
    6.83 in
    175.5 mm
    31.0 800 600 495

    16 Volt Racing Battery Comparison
    16 volt racing battery

    16 Volts of Battery power for
    high performance racing applications.
    12 Volt Racing Battery Comparison
    12 volt racing battery

    Drop in 12 volt battery upgrade
    for racing applications.

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    DISCLAIMER: The technical data contained herein is based upon the best information available as of the latest revision date. Concorde Battery Corporation the Manufacturer of Lifeline Batteries, makes no warranty of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or any other warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to such information. Both Concorde Battery and Lifeline Battery assume no liability resulting from its use. It is the obligation of each user of the product to determine the suitability for any particular application, including marine battery and RV battery installation procedures, to comply with the requirements of all applicable laws regarding use and disposal of this product.

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